DAY 1 –6th February 2014

07.30-08.30 Registration & refreshments

8.30 -9.00 Welcome talk ( Dr David Smithard)

9.00 Theme: Head and Neck Cancer (Chair:Dr Justin Roe) Professor Cathy Lazarus: Functional outcomes after head and neck cancer Dr Jo Patterson: ‘The psychosocial impact of dysphagia in head and neck cancer’

10.30 11.00 – Coffee break

11.00 Theme: Developmental Disabilities (Chair: Dr David Smithard) Jane Slater: Oral health, dysphagia and developmental disabilities Diane Sellers : EDACS – an Eating and Drinking Ability Classification System for individuals with cerebral palsy Hannah Crawford: Profound and multiple learning disabilities and dysphagia – family experiences

12.30 Lunch Break

13.30 Free papers x4 (Chair:Cathy Lazarus)

14.45 -15.30 Tea and Poster viewing 15.30 Simultaneous workshops: 1. Research methodologies for budding researchers (Dr.Paula Leslie & Hannah Crawford) 2. Screening Debate (Dr David Smithard, Russel Walker and Jane Slater) 3. Telemedicine applications in healthcare (Eryl Evans) 4. Enhancing medicines delivery in dysphagia (Prof David Wright)

16.30 Theme: Neurophysiology of Swallowing (Chair: Dr Emilia Michou) 1. Professor Dr . Rainer Dziewas: Central coordination of swallowng – physiology and pathophysiology 2. Dr. Satish Mistry: Neurostimulation in Dysphagia

17.30 AGM of the UKSRG

18.00 Drinks Reception

UKSRG 2014 Programme Day 2 – 7th February 2014

08.00-8.45 Registration 8.45-9.00 Membership Information by Chair & president Elect

09.00 Theme: Paediatrics (Chair: Annie Aloysius) 1. Professor Cathy Lazarus Dysphagia assessment and treatment – Pediatric Issues 2. Dr Gill Craig The emotional impact of gastrostomy on mothers of children with neurodisability & feeding difficulties 3. Dr Emma Haycraft: Impact of maternal and infant psychological factors on feeding behavior

10.30 -11.15 Coffee Break (Poster viewing) Poster Presenters by their posters not later than 10.45)

11.15 Free papers x4 (Chair: Russel Walker- Dr. Paula Leslie) 12.30 Lunch 13.30 Simultaneous workshops: 1. Research methodologies for budding researchers (Dr Paula Leslie & Hannah Crawford) 2. Screening Debate (Dr David Smithard, Russel Walker and Jane Slater) 3. Developing valid and reliable measurement tools; practical experience from a clinical research perspective (Sonia Lozano and Alex Stewart) 4. Engaging users in research (Dr Emilia Michou, Dr Christina Smith and Simon Denegri)

15.00 Tea

15.30 Theme: Videofluoroscopy and Texture and Taste Parameters (Chair: Dr.Christina Smith) 1. Prof. Dr. Pere Clave Specific effects of bolus rheology and TRPV1 stimulants on Videofluoroscopic signs and swallow response in patients with oropharyngeal dysphagia 2. Dr Ben Hanson Rheology of texture-modified products and their interaction with swallowing

17.00 Final Remarks & awards

17.30 End


UKSRG Conference Report 2014

The 5th biennial UKSRG conference was held in London on 6th / 7th February. Most delegates that attended heard about the conference from a recommendation. One of the aims of this website is to provide information on UKSRG so that more people can join in and share their experiences in research or be inspired to start their journey into research.

The meeting attracted a multidisciplinary audience with people attending from Europe, United States and the Middle East as well as the UK and Eire. The programme presented a mixture of clinical and basic science with speakers from Spain, Germany, USA and UK. The poster presentations and free papers were excellent and well received by the audience.

Of the attendees feedback was received from 105.
The conference was held at UCL Institute of child health and 94% of attendees stated that this was a good / excellent venue with well rated catering, comfort and audio-visual facilities. Based on this feedback the next conference in 2016 we will aim to book this same venue.
All presentations were well received with very good / excellent scoring across the board. Particular favourites included Jo Patterson’s presentation on the psychological impact of dysphagia in head and neck cancer, Diane Sellers’s eating and drinking ability classification system for individuals with cerebral palsy and Hannah Crawford’s talk on profound and multiple learning disabilities and dysphagia.
As well as a packed programme of presentations the two day event enabled participants to participate in a selection of workshops/ free paper presentations. The quality of these were excellent and diverse including paediatric issues, instrumental assessments, pharmaceutical interventions and even the physics behind the viscosity of modified fluids- all really fascinating and thought provoking. Catriona Steele won the prize for best free paper for her work on modified fluids and thickening agents.
This year’s conference also showcased some excellent poster presentations and prizes were awarded.
All attendees were automatically given membership status for 1 year. Further details on becoming a member and the benefits are available on the website.