UKSRG Conference 2010

Annual Conference of the UK Swallowing Research Group
Thursday 4th & Friday 5th February 2010
UCL Institute of Child Health, London


Introduction – status of dysphagia research Dr Paula Leslie
Adult FEES – Sarah Wallace
Paediatric FEES – Sophie Frey
Paediatric videofluoroscopy – Rebecca Harris & Martina Ryan

Respiration and swallowing – Dr Anita Simmonds
Dysphagia and its relation to poor cough function after stroke – Dr Katie Ward

Respiration and dysphagia-  Prof Bonnie Martin-Harris

A) OT roles in swallowing management – Margaret Walker
B) Dysphagia in learning disabilities – Hannah Crawford & Sheila Mullen
C) Ethics and swallowing – Dr Paula Leslie & Dr David Smithard


Plenary lecture: Standardized Measurement of Swallowing Physiology Prof Bonnie Martin Harris

Saliva Control Chetan Vyas
Pentax Paul Tiley

Outcome measures in qualitative research in dysphagia – Dr Stephan Cano
Swallowing quality of life after skull base surgery – Parag Patel
Motor Neurone Disease/ PD –  Dr Tom Hughes
Laryngeal transplantation – Prof Martin Birchall
Where are we with VitalStim – Emilia Michou