Programme 2008

Day 1 – 7th February 2008

0850-0900 Welcome Address by UKSRG Committee Members
0900-1100 Session: “Dysphagia in the Critically Ill Patient”
Chairs: Susan Langmore and Susan McGowan
0905-0930 “Setting the landscape of dysphagia management in critical care” (Susan McGowan)
0930-1000 “The added value of FEES in tracheostomy management” (Pippa Hales)
1000-1030 “The role of subglottic air pressure when swallowing” (Roxann Diez Gross)
1030-1100 Round table discussion
1100-1130 Coffee break
1130-1215 Free Papers Chairs: Shaheen Hamdy and Susan McGowan

1215-1300 Distinguished Lecture: Susan Langmore¬† “The evolution of FEES”

1300-1400 Hot buffet lunch to be served within the conference facility
1400-1700 Breakout Parallel Sessions:
(These will be in three separate rooms)
Each session will be 90 minutes, rolled over twice (participants are asked to choose two of three sessions)
P1 : “The role of biofeedback in the dysphagia patient” – Lead by Maggie Lee Huckabee
P2 : “Application of FEES in the dysphagia patient: Techniques and principles” – Lead by Susan Langmore
P3 : “Developing a videofluoroscopic service for the 21st Century” – Lead by Maxine Power

1700 Close of Day 1
1800 Conference Dinner (Old Trafford, Manchester)

Day 2 – 8 February 2008

0900-1100 Session: “Dilemmas in Paediatric Dysphagia” Chairs: Annie Aloysius and Celia Harding
0900-0905 Introduction (Celia Harding)
0905-0930 “The assessment of the paediatric swallow using VFSS” (Martina Ryan)
0930-1000 “Feeding problems in the neonatal period” (Liz Clark)
1000-1030 “Maturation of swallowing respiratory coordination” (Maggie Lee Huckabee)
1030-1100 Round table discussion
1100-1130 Coffee Break
1130-1215 Free Papers Chairs: Maxine Power and David Smithard
1215-1300 Distinguished Lecture: Martin Birchall “Complications of supra-oesophageal reflux”
1300-1400 Cold buffet in the Conference Facility
1400-1530 Session: “The role of national stroke guidelines for dysphagia and its management” Speakers: Derick Wade and Martin Dennis

1530-1540 Feedback and close of the symposium
1545-1630 UKSRG AGM/Committee Meeting