UK swallowing research group (UKSRG)


The UK Swallowing Research Group comprises clinicians and researchers from a wide range of professional disciplines including biomedical engineering, speech and language therapy, radiography, radiology, ENT, gastroenterology, stroke medicine, dietetics, oral health, general medicine and neurology.

The group recognizes the multidisciplinarity of the clinical specialties and basic science that supports developments in the field and runs a biannual conference.


The aims of the group are to:
• Promote the dissemination and debate the latest swallowing and dysphagia research
• Bring researchers together from basic science and clinical practice to share ideas and develop research projects
• Encourage interdisciplinary research, peer review and support for work in progress
• Invite international research leaders to present key note lectures




Conference 2014



Thank you all for your contribution to UKSRG 2014 in London.

The meeting was a success and we are looking forward to seeing you again in UKSRG 2016.  




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